Trading Sideways or Ranging markets

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What is a ranging or sideways market?

A ranging or sideways market is also known as a consolidating market, I personally like to use the word accumulation.

What is actually happening is that the biggest money are placing their orders into the market in small blocks so that they can accumulate large positions WITHOUT causing the price to rocket up or down.

I have taught myself to identify how to know exactly whe the accumulation / consolidation period is over. Not many traders can do that. Effectively I can play the biggest money at their own games.

How to trade a Sideways or Ranging markets

There really is no such thing as a ranging or sideways market once you understand that trends work in the exact same way on every timeframe.

Of course if you only trade H4, daily or weekly trends then you will find yourself in what you perceive to be a sideways or ranging market, but that is all it actually is, your perception of a ranging market.

Some also call ranging markets, consolidation, I prefer to call them accumulation periods. The biggest money is accumulating discounted orders at a given SR level.

Using my methods on lower timeframes we can still trade perfectly valid trends between these range or accumulation levels.

I will create a video to follow.

support & resistance |  Trading Sideways or Ranging markets